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Crea has an active developer community that is constantly innovating on the blockchain. While the their presence on this page doesn’t constitute endorsement, it’s likely a few of these projects could be beneficial for your Crea idea.

Client Libraries

Crea-Ruby -

Ruby API client to interact with the crea blockchain.

Crea-Python -

Python API client to interact with the crea blockchain.

Crea-JS -

Pure JavaScript Crea crypto library for node.js and browsers. Can be used to construct, sign and broadcast transactions in JavaScript.

Community & Help

Developer Team

The members of the Creativechain foundation & development team are currently the main contributors to the Crea Network software. They oversee the open source Create GitHub repository, and maintain many of the open source libraries that developers use.

To get any help regarding the development of CREA Network you can access Crea Devs Chat in Discord

Create Devs Channel is a public Discord chat community where members of the Create development community go to discuss Create development, and other related topics.