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JS: Get State Replacement Api

This is a list of replacement API calls for each of the different routes available from the getState function.

Full, runnable src of Get State Replacement Api can be downloaded as part of the JS tutorials repository.


With the getState API call retrieving ALL block information and now being deprecated, a more efficient process is required to call only the dataset that you require for a your specific application. There are a couple different routes (data groupings) that can be found within the getState function. Each of these will be described and a replacement API call will be discussed.

Included in this single getState call is the list of content being requested, the latest Dynamic Global Properties, the latest Account Data for the authors included in the results, and the current feed price. The getState function is great in order to get the first 20 posts (and account information based on the post authors) based on the selected tag. If the query field is left empty getState automatically calls info based on the popular tag. getState can also be used to call information for a specific account.

The call routes that will be covered are for:

  1. accounts
  2. content
  3. feed_price
  4. props
  5. tags
  6. tag_idx
  7. witness_schedule
  8. witnesses

Current getState() result:

  "current_route": "",
  "props": {
    "head_block_number": 0,
    "head_block_id": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
    "time": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
    "current_witness": "",
    "total_pow": "18446744073709551615",
    "num_pow_witnesses": 0,
    "virtual_supply": "0.000 CREA",
    "current_supply": "0.000 CREA",
    "confidential_supply": "0.000 CREA",
    "current_sbd_supply": "0.000 CREA",
    "confidential_sbd_supply": "0.000 CREA",
    "total_vesting_fund_crea": "0.000 CREA",
    "total_vesting_shares": "0.000 CREA",
    "total_reward_fund_crea": "0.000 CREA",
    "total_reward_shares2": "0",
    "pending_rewarded_vesting_shares": "0.000 CREA",
    "pending_rewarded_vesting_crea": "0.000 CREA",
    "sbd_interest_rate": 0,
    "sbd_print_rate": 10000,
    "maximum_block_size": 0,
    "current_aslot": 0,
    "recent_slots_filled": "0",
    "participation_count": 0,
    "last_irreversible_block_num": 0,
    "vote_power_reserve_rate": 40,
    "average_block_size": 0,
    "current_reserve_ratio": 1,
    "max_virtual_bandwidth": "0"
  "tag_idx": {"popular": []},
  "tags": {},
  "content": {},
  "accounts": {},
  "witnesses": {},
  "discussion_idx": {},
  "witness_schedule": {
    "id": 0,
    "current_virtual_time": "0",
    "next_shuffle_block_num": 1,
    "current_shuffled_witnesses": [],
    "num_scheduled_witnesses": 1,
    "top19_weight": 1,
    "timeshare_weight": 5,
    "miner_weight": 1,
    "witness_pay_normalization_factor": 25,
    "median_props": {
      "account_creation_fee": "0.000 CREA",
      "maximum_block_size": 131072,
      "sbd_interest_rate": 1000
    "majority_version": "0.0.0",
    "max_voted_witnesses": 19,
    "max_miner_witnesses": 1,
    "max_runner_witnesses": 1,
    "hardfork_required_witnesses": 17
  "feed_price": {"base": "0.000 CREA", "quote": "0.000 CREA"},
  "error": ""

Use cases and data sets

Route: getState(‘accounts’)


In order to get the full compliment of account information for a specified account, getAccounts can be used as in the example above. If you require this information for the top 20 popular authors, you can use the function as per getState('content') to retrieve the author names and then get the information per individual. The account information can be used to track balances, vesting, followers, witness votes and pending rewards among others.

  "active": {
    "weight_threshold": 1,
    "account_auths": [],
    "key_auths": []
  "average_bandwidth": 0,
  "average_market_bandwidth": 0,
  "balance": "0.000 CREA",
  "can_vote": true,
  "comment_count": 0,
  "created": "2016-03-26T08:26:21",
  "curation_rewards": 396530808,
  "delegated_vesting_shares": "505881.492379 VESTS",
  "guest_bloggers": [],
  "id": 340,
  "json_metadata": {"profile":{"name":,"profile_image":}},
  "last_account_recovery": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "last_account_update": "2018-08-30T01:48:15",
  "last_bandwidth_update": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "last_market_bandwidth_update": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "last_owner_update": "2017-11-22T03:58:09",
  "last_post": "2018-09-26T18:32:30",
  "last_root_post": "2018-09-26T16:07:51",
  "last_vote_time": "2018-09-26T16:23:09",
  "lifetime_bandwidth": 0,
  "lifetime_market_bandwidth": 0,
  "lifetime_vote_count": 0,
  "market_history": [],
  "memo_key": "",
  "mined": true,
  "name": "",
  "next_vesting_withdrawal": "1969-12-31T23:59:59",
  "other_history": [],
  "owner": {
    "weight_threshold": 1,
    "account_auths": [],
    "key_auths": []
  "pending_claimed_accounts": 0,
  "post_bandwidth": 10000,
  "post_count": 6289,
  "post_history": [],
  "posting": {
    "weight_threshold": 1,
    "account_auths": [],
    "key_auths": []
  "posting_rewards": 30925563,
  "proxied_vsf_votes": ["1466563679903716", "754759334883", 0, 0],
  "proxy": "",
  "received_vesting_shares": "0.000000 VESTS",
  "recovery_account": "crea",
  "reputation": "",
  "reset_account": "null",
  "reward_sbd_balance": "0.000 CBD",
  "reward_crea_balance": "0.000 CREA",
  "reward_vesting_balance": "967.889424 VESTS",
  "reward_vesting_crea": "0.479 CREA",
  "savings_balance": "0.000 CREA",
  "savings_sbd_balance": "0.000 CBD",
  "savings_sbd_last_interest_payment": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "savings_sbd_seconds": "0",
  "savings_sbd_seconds_last_update": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "savings_withdraw_requests": 0,
  "sbd_balance": "0.000 CBD",
  "sbd_last_interest_payment": "2018-09-08T13:46:15",
  "sbd_seconds": "79984344",
  "sbd_seconds_last_update": "2018-09-26T17:36:15",
  "tags_usage": [],
  "to_withdraw": 0,
  "transfer_history": [],
  "vesting_balance": "0.000 CREA",
  "vesting_shares": "26772189.757016 VESTS",
  "vesting_withdraw_rate": "0.000000 VESTS",
  "vote_history": [],
  "voting_manabar": {"current_mana": "5514091390534", "last_update_time": 1537978989},
  "voting_power": 2099,
  "withdraw_routes": 0,
  "withdrawn": 0,
  "witness_votes": [],
  "witnesses_voted_for": 24

Route: getState(‘content’)'get_discussions_by_popular',[{limit:20}])

While getState() truncates the post body at 1024 characters, getDiscussionsBy will not truncate the body unless you provide a truncate_body value in the query structure. getDiscussionsBy can be executed by popular, now, active, cashout, payout, votes, children, skyrockets, feed, blog or comments. This provides a wide range by which the posts can be called depending on the specific needs. Within the query parameter specific tags, filters, authors and permlinks can be provided. The limit can also be increased to a maximum of 100 posts where getState is limited to the first 20. You can also refer to the get post tutorial for a simplified database call for posts. The detail provided by this statement can be used to track pending payouts, curator rewards and votes for the popular, or specified posts.

  "abs_rshares": "60411661082705",
  "active": "2018-09-26T19:47:15",
  "active_votes": [],
  "allow_curation_rewards": true,
  "allow_replies": true,
  "allow_votes": true,
  "author": "therealwolf",
  "author_reputation": "100096076084764",
  "author_rewards": 0,
  "beneficiaries": [],
  "body": "......",
  "body_length": 4577,
  "cashout_time": "2018-10-02T13:52:24",
  "category": "witness-update",
  "children": 7,
  "children_abs_rshares": "60493226759117",
  "created": "2018-09-25T13:52:24",
  "curator_payout_value": "0.000 CBD",
  "depth": 0,
  "id": 63318715,
  "json_metadata": {"tags":[]},
  "last_payout": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "last_update": "2018-09-26T19:17:33",
  "max_accepted_payout": "100000.000 CBD",
  "max_cashout_time": "1969-12-31T23:59:59",
  "net_rshares": "60411661082705",
  "net_votes": 179,
  "parent_author": "",
  "parent_permlink": "witness-update",
  "pending_payout_value": "80.490 CBD",
  "percent_crea_dollars": 10000,
  "permlink": "witness-essentials-hf20-ready",
  "promoted": "0.000 CBD",
  "reblogged_by": [],
  "replies": [],
  "reward_weight": 10000,
  "root_author": "therealwolf",
  "root_permlink": "witness-essentials-hf20-ready",
  "root_title": "Witness Essentials: HF20 Ready",
  "title": "Witness Essentials: HF20 Ready",
  "total_payout_value": "0.000 CBD",
  "total_pending_payout_value": "0.000 CREA",
  "total_vote_weight": 7795119,
  "url": "/witness-update/@therealwolf/witness-essentials-hf20-ready",
  "vote_rshares": "60411661082705"

Route: getState(‘feed_price’)


This provides the same data as getState but is executed much faster due to the limited amount of information provided by this function.

  "base": {"amount": 0.887, "symbol": "CBD"},
  "quote": {"amount": 1, "symbol": "CREA"}

Route: getState(‘props’)

//all block info
//head block number only
//simple head block info

getDynamicGlobalProperties() provides the same level of information and tracks the same values for each created block. You can also call a simplified version of block info containing only the block_id, previous block_id, signing_key, timestamp, witness and witness signature by using the current head block number with the getBlock database call.

  "confidential_sbd_supply":"0.000 CBD",
  "confidential_supply":"0.000 CREA",
  "current_sbd_supply":"14921682.900 CBD",
  "current_supply":"277501868.004 CREA",
  "pending_rewarded_vesting_shares":"483834672.069834 VESTS",
  "pending_rewarded_vesting_crea":"237227.812 CREA",
  "total_reward_fund_crea":"0.000 CREA",
  "total_vesting_fund_crea":"196777383.890 CREA",
  "total_vesting_shares":"397621943253.336916 VESTS",
  "virtual_supply":"294324509.379 CREA",

Route: getState(‘tags’)'get_popular_tags',[startingValue, limit])

The getPopularTags function calls the same information as with getState but can be limited in the number of results. The data on each tag includes the number of votes and comments made with that tag as well as the total payouts for that tag. This is useful to determine which tags are most popular to assist in effective post creation.

  "comments": 31203776,
  "name": "life",
  "net_votes": 54671586,
  "top_posts": 4996200,
  "total_payouts": "61584243.124 CBD",
  "popular": "114450355665"

Route: getState(‘tag_idx’)'get_popular_tags',[startingValue, limit])

This information can be gained by the using the same method as for getState('tags') and then only displaying the name object of the array of tags provided. You can refer to the tutorial search tags for a detailed example of this.


Route: getState(‘witness_schedule’)

//full info'get_witness_schedule',[])
//median props only

If required you can also call the median_props values as standalone via the second function listed above.

  "account_subsidy_rd": {
    "resource_unit": 10000,
    "budget_per_time_unit": 797,
    "pool_eq": 157691079,
    "max_pool_size": 157691079,
    "decay_params": {},
  "account_subsidy_witness_rd": {
    "resource_unit": 10000,
    "budget_per_time_unit": 996,
    "pool_eq": 9384019,
    "max_pool_size": 9384019,
    "decay_params": {},
  "current_shuffled_witnesses": ["followbtcnews", "good-karma", "smooth.witness", "anyx", "thecryptodrive", "jesta", "utopian-io", "cervantes", "roelandp", "aggroed", "blocktrades", "gtg", "xeldal", "lukestokes.mhth", "someguy123", "pfunk", "ausbitbank", "furion", "curie", "timcliff", "clayop"],
  "current_virtual_time": "376982753287696133965407589",
  "elected_weight": 1,
  "hardfork_required_witnesses": 17,
  "id": 0,
  "majority_version": "0.20.3",
  "max_miner_witnesses": 0,
  "max_runner_witnesses": 1,
  "max_voted_witnesses": 20,
  "median_props": {
    "account_creation_fee": "3.000 CREA",
    "maximum_block_size": 65536,
    "sbd_interest_rate": 0,
    "account_subsidy_budget": 797,
    "account_subsidy_decay": 347321
  "min_witness_account_subsidy_decay": 0,
  "miner_weight": 1,
  "next_shuffle_block_num": 26313756,
  "num_scheduled_witnesses": 21,
  "timeshare_weight": 5,
  "witness_pay_normalization_factor": 25

Route: getState(‘witnesses’)'get_witnesses_by_vote',['',limit])

This detailed information can be used to track the performance of a specific witness when deciding for who to vote or for your own witness statistics. The detail includes the amount of votes, blocks missed and also the CBD exchange rate (feed price) that this witness is reporting. This function calls the info listed according to total votes.

  "available_witness_account_subsidies": 9138354,
  "created": "1970-01-01T00:00:00",
  "hardfork_time_vote": "2018-09-25T15:00:00",
  "hardfork_version_vote": "0.20.0",
  "id": 9493,
  "last_aslot": 26387405,
  "last_confirmed_block_num": 26293189,
  "last_sbd_exchange_update": "2018-09-26T19:54:36",
  "last_work": "0000000048bf77f525731f28db7c1aa9ad853a475ccc78e71ea952a7782e5459",
  "owner": "gtg",
  "pow_worker": 0,
  "props": {
    "account_creation_fee": "3.000 CREA",
    "maximum_block_size": 65536,
    "sbd_interest_rate": 0,
    "account_subsidy_budget": 797,
    "account_subsidy_decay": 347321
  "running_version": "0.20.3",
  "sbd_exchange_rate": {"base": "0.893 CBD", "quote": "1.000 CREA"},
  "signing_key": "STM5T98tp8jZRbs7zzyCg74o2siqBw2SXxoYaE1MCuwuCPeQwKrju",
  "total_missed": 535,
  "url": "",
  "virtual_last_update": "376717145948220892034052885",
  "virtual_position": "240558419146717570415939163840356145056",
  "virtual_scheduled_time": "376718433464807443533288610",
  "votes": "77454495589313361"

To run this tutorial

  1. clone this repo
  2. cd tutorials/34_get_state_replacement_api
  3. npm i
  4. npm run dev-server or npm run start
  5. After a few moments, the server should be running at http://localhost:3000/